Tyler Lain

  • 6'2"
  • 38"
  • 33"
  • 39"
  • M
  • 11.5

Meet Tyler

Tyler Lain is an actor & model born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Tyler graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with a major in Theatre and minors in Advertising and Entrepreneurship. Tyler’s passions include live music, theater, travel, interior design, and New York City. 

Tyler Lain is a man on the move. With Texas roots, years in Los Angeles, and a home base in New York City today, Tyler is adaptable and connected. A theater-trained actor, he’s spent years working in television, film & commercials. A dynamic professional journey has led him down lanes of fashion and hospitality, as well.

Tyler is a lover of all things visual and believes that there is art in everything we do. The way we dress, the words we choose, the way we make people feel, the way we smile. Tyler is relationally driven and very social. Always ready to tell a story and foster a connection. His audience is made of followers who admire not only his personal style but his community, who he surrounds himself with, and the way he treats life as an adventure.