Alexis Williams

  • 5'7"
  • 32½"
  • 26¼"
  • 35¾"
  • 2 US
  • 8.5

Meet Alexis

I'm Alexis, a 20 year old creative and engineering student at the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University. I'm an Integrated Digital Media major concentrating in Computer Science and Web Development with an interest in sound engineering. Lele Genevieve is an alias I created in 11th grade when trying to come up with a nickname for the CPR doll I was assigned at school. It then became my first Tik Tok username and has stuck since. Now I post Tik Toks on the daily, and I'm pretty sure everyone thinks my name is Lele (or Genevieve). Over one year I've amassed 190k+ followers and 6M+ likes making videos about being Black, pursuing STEM, and everything in between. My interests in the arts from in front of the camera to behind, and my education in engineering gives me a unique perspective as a potential collaborator.

Skills include singing and piano. I am also a former cheerleader who is an intermediate tumbler, dancer, rollerskater and I can also hurdle :)