Jessica Zyrie

  • 5'11"
  • 33"
  • 26¼"
  • 36"
  • 2-4 US
  • 10

Meet Jessica

Jessica Zyrie has a huge passion for being a visible face for the black trans community, she grew up wishing she had representation and due to the lack there of; a fire ignited. Jessica uses her story to inspire and motivate others to live in their truth & promote self love. Jessica has been a model on Project Runway for multiple seasons and has been published in multiple publications including Marie Claire and Elle. She grew up in a musical environment with her father being a DJ. She became expressive at a young age mainly through music, specifically by playing piano and dancing. She finds joy in overcoming challenges and has become intermediate in Spanish, as well as learning French and ASL. In her leisure you can find her doing hot yoga, Pilates, running, making plant based dishes or some form of skin care.