Savannah Woeste

  • 5'6"
  • 33½"
  • 24½"
  • 36½"
  • 8

Meet Savannah

Savannah is someone who cares about staying humble and bringing positivity into everyone’s life! She grew up in the Midwest in the Chicago area then moving to Naples, Florida in 2011. She loves to be creative and try anything new that is thrown at her. Growing up all of her siblings were 10 years or older, so she has always been told she’s an old soul and coins it a lot to her siblings influence. Savannah also loves to travel, learn behind the scene aspects of the creative industry whether that be photography or styling, as well as keeping up with her college education at FIU in Miami. She is currently after her Marketing Degree so that she can be multi-faceted. In her free time she likes to paint, spends time with family, and figures out ways she can improve herself whether that be taking up Pilates or giving a helping hand to someone in need.