Camryn Herold

  • 5'9"
  • 34½"
  • 26½"
  • 37½"
  • 7

Meet Camryn

Camryn Herold is from Southern California and spent the past 5 years living and supporting herself in New York City as a full time model. She studied journalism at The New School and has redirected her writing skills to a more creative outlet such as poetry, short stories, and personal journaling. She produced, wrote, and starred in two micro short films about her experiences as a model and how this has affected her mental health journey with diagnosed major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. The short films touch on aspects of self-worth, addiction, and the societal pressures of being a young woman in the entertainment industry. In addition, Camryn has been an active speaker and advocate for The Model Alliance, whose main goal is to gain new protective legislation in the state of New York for models. In her other free time Camryn enjoys hot yoga, boxing, skiing, and swimming.