Akhilesh Pradhan

  • 5'11"
  • 30"
  • M
  • 9.5

Meet Akhilesh

From the vibrant landscapes of India to the land of dreams, Los Angeles, Akhi embarked on an extraordinary journey to breathe life into my American Dream. Although his passion for acting was unveiled at 18, his love for the camera had always sparked within. Fortunate to have graced the silver screen as the main lead actor in a Nepali Feature Film, he discovered at this point his love for all things creative was worth pursuing in his career. He is committed to conquering the world of acting and modeling, leaving no stone unturned. Beyond that, he is an avid sportsperson and a fitness enthusiast. Akhi competed on a national-level as a swimmer and is a advanced basketball player. He also has a long for all things music, and plays the guitar.