Taka Horton

  • 5'10"
  • 38"
  • 31"
  • 37"
  • 38R
  • M
  • 10

Meet Taka

Taka Horton is a model and stand-up comedian from San Diego, CA. A mother from a small town in Japan and a father from a small town in Louisiana resulted in a motivated household. Taka played baseball from third grade up until his recent graduation from university and grew up pushed in many directions athletically. He started as a competitive swimmer and competed in the Junior Olympics, in high school he played baseball, rugby, and football. Since his retirement from baseball, Taka has put the same energy he put towards athletics into stand-up comedy and has performed in various comedy clubs and venues along the West Coast. Aside from performing and writing jokes, he enjoys training in kickboxing, jujitsu, surfing, playing rugby, and reminiscing in the batting cages.