Excited to meet you


Can I apply if I work full time?

Unfortunately we can only work with models who have a flexible weekday schedule. Please do not apply if you have a full-time job.

Is there a minimum age to apply?

18+ only please!

How long does it take to hear back after applying to be a model?

We typically review model submissions once a week and send out emails to models who we want to meet with by Friday. We do fall behind on submissions every once in a while, but you should hear back within 1-2 weeks of submitting.

Does Stetts hold open calls?

We do not hold open calls - we only accept submissions through this form. 

What is the difference between a fit and a fitness model?

A fit model is someone who tries on garments for designers and provides feedback on how the garments fit. Fit models have specific measurements that designers are looking for.

A fitness model on the other hand, is a model with a fitness background (personal training, tennis, track and field, boxing…) that models for fitness brands.

I have a mother agent. Can I still apply?

If you have a mother agent, please have them submit your portfolio to us directly if they are interested in having you work with us. That is the job of your MA. 

Will I be modeling full-time after being signed with an agency?

Though this would be the ideal scenario, we always encourage our models to have other jobs, especially when you are starting out. It is a mercurial industry in which we cannot guarantee any type of financial consistency, so flexible jobs are always encouraged!

Tips for photo submissions?

Please be sure your photos are unedited, well lit, and with natural makeup. Please try to show us two different facial expressions in your submission images (one smiling, one more serious).

Take the time to set yourself up against a clean background, in front of natural light is always best. Make sure nothing is covering your face. Be sure the full body or 3/4 is not so far away that we cannot still clearly see your face.

Natural lashes/nails are always preferred. NO FILTERS!

Female Headshot
Female 3/4
Male Headshot
Male 3/4
Measured at the widest part of your chest with arms down.
Measured at the widest part of your chest with arms down.
Measured at your smallest part of your waist.
Measured at the widest part of your bottom - legs hip distance apart.


Please be sure this unedited photo of your face is clear and well lit with no filters.
Full length or 3/4 to show your shape.