What is a Mother Agent?

A mother agent’s job is to develop and prepare models to work, not only in other markets, but with other agencies in other cities and/or other countries.

If your contract has a mother agent clause, Stetts will help develop your portfolio and your modeling career to hopefully send you out to other agencies in different markets when/if the time is right.

What costs are involved to be represented?

We pride ourselves in being incredibly model-friendly, so there are no costs upon joining the agency. We do offer to make comp cards for you at a cost of $25, but that is optional. The only investment we ask you to make is a photoshoot (which you pay directly to a photographer of your choosing) to build your portfolio.

Can I submit to other agencies if I am signed exclusively?

No. If you would like to be submitted to other agencies, we can submit your materials for consideration.

How much are management commissions?

Manager’s commission is an agency standard of 20% for any jobs booked through Stetts. This is standard practice at all modeling agencies, as it enables us to pay employees, utilities, expenses, etc.

However, if a brand reaches out to you directly, we take a reduced 10% commission.

How much can I expect to be working?

As a freelance worker, there is no way to gauge how much work a model will book from month to month. Please rest assured that all projects we get that you are the right fit for, we will be submitting you for. This is a constantly changing industry, so some weeks you may get 3 self-tape requests from us, and other weeks you may not hear from us at all- it really all depends on the projects we get, what the client is looking for, etc. We want all of our models busy and working, so we do our best to ensure that.

Does Stetts have international offices?

We currently do not have offices in other cities, nor do we work with international sister agencies at the moment. We currently hold divisions in LA, Miami and NYC, so you will be submitted for projects mostly in those areas (and others if the rate is good enough!)

What types of jobs will I be submitted for?

We work with all different types of clients ranging from fitness to commercial to fitting, so we will be submitting you for any and all of them if you match the specs the client is looking for. You can view some of the clients we have worked with on our website (stetts.com) under We Booked That.

How long after booking a job will I be paid?

Payment terms are usually net 30-60 days, however, sometimes clients take longer than this to pay. Please know we do our best to ensure timely payments (Monica from AP is absolutely amazing and will chase clients), and as soon as we receive payment from the client, we will send payment your way.

Accounting stuff

Onboarding for Payments

To initiate your onboarding, please send your w9 form directly to Monica [email protected], the form can be be downloaded from the IRS here. Just this once please use your personal address.

Once you have sent in your w9 you will shortly after receive an invitation from bill.com to connect your bank account, we cannot pay you until this is setup.

If you change address at any time, please let [email protected] know to update your file.

Instructions for filling out forms for jobs

All payments must be be directed to Stetts, so always list your address on all documentation including w9s and w2s as:

c/ Stetts Model Management, 1123 Broadway #1007, New York, NY 10010

In cases such as wrapbook or similar direct portal registrations that ask for a bank account, you must use Stetts bank details and not your personal. Please send your login details to [email protected] so we can assist in completing this information for you.

Getting Paid

Once we receive payment from the client, we then disperse via bill.com electronically to your bank account within the following week.

A 20% agency commission is deducted from your gross fee(s) except in special circumstances.

SAG Payments we receive include our agency fee, therefor a 10% Agency Fee and your 10% Agency Commission will be deducted.

Payments received from clients for the week spanning Thursday - Wednesday, are processed on at the next Thursday for review and approval. Once approved by Friday, they are processed for payment and generally take 2-3 days to land in your bank account depending on your bank. Sometimes there maybe a small delay due to holidays and schedules.

If you ever have any questions about your payments, contact [email protected] directly.

End of year tax forms

Jobs run through a payroll company will have withholding taxes removed and reported on your annual w2.

All contractor payments will be reported on your annual 1099 sent from Stetts. (Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLCs only).

If you are missing any payroll w2 forms, they usually can be easily retrieved online from the payroll company. Links to assist are as follows.

GEP Cencast, LLC - ep.com/mytaxform

Team Serviceshttps://theteamcompanies.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/ESS-110119.pdf

Extreme Reach Payrollhttps://ps.extremereach.com/w2-request/

Your yearly agency commission total that you have paid to Stetts will be reported to you in an email in January so you can claim on your taxes as an expense.


You will receive a login link to our booking platform Syngency. This platform is used to enter days you are not available (book outs) as well as enter in your personal information and upload your photos/videos.

  • Please fill in all missing information from contact info, social media links, ethnicity, sizing, and special skills (ie running, karate). We get many requests for special skills, so be sure we know anything important!
  • The bio is very important - we include this on the website as well. Please submit that asap as we get you onboarded.
  • If you are advanced in any skill such as running, rollerblading, yoga - please film a quick video of you performing this skill! We often are asked for running/yoga/dance videos from clients, so if you can do it, please upload to syngency for clients to view.
  • Please also upload images of you and your partner if you would like to be considered for couples projects, and photos of your family if you would like to be considered for family projects (parents/grandparents/kids/siblings).
  • Lastly, please upload a completed W4 and I9 form as attachments into Syngency. And please ensure the address on these forms is: c/ Stetts - 1123 Broadway #1007, New York, NY 10010

Stetts App for booking vouchers

Everything is done electronically at Stetts. When you complete a booking, please use the digital app to have the client sign off on your time.

Our digital app can be found in App Store under 'Stetts'.

Login email: [email protected]
Password: stettsmodels

Once your booking is complete, have yourself & the client sign off your hours & rate.

Other important details

If you're contacted directly by a potential client, you must involve us right away. You can copy us into your response to the client introducing us. If you involve us after you have already confirmed yourself, we have little ability to negotiate on your behalf.

Any jobs that are brought to us directly from you incurs only a 10% commission charge, as we will negotiate rate and terms and handle all billing.

  • We expect a reply to every email and phone message in a timely manner. If we do not hear back from you, you may not be considered for a job/casting.
  • Forgetting a casting, hold, or booking is never acceptable. Please arrive at all castings and bookings 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. If you are running later than 10 minutes, please contact us and make us aware -note that if you are late or cancel a booking, you could be responsible for client fees.
  • An emergency is the only circumstance under which you should contact a client directly. If a client contacts you directly, you should refer them to the agency, unless you are informed by us that they will contact you directly (ie stylists, production, etc.)
  • Once the agency has checked your availability for a job, you are automatically considered on hold for the dates checked unless otherwise stated. If you are put on hold for a job, we expect you to honor the time until you are confirmed or released. If a conflict arises, or you are curious about a hold, ask the agency.
  • All casting and booking information is considered confidential. You must never discuss your rate on set under any circumstance.
  • As soon as you have new images, please email us a wetransfer link of new images and also upload to Syngency.
  • We have a preferred photographer list that is constantly updated. These are photographers who we have a relationship with and who understand our aesthetic. Please let us know when you plan to shoot so that we can go over styling and ensure you are matching with the best photographer.
  • If you consider changing your look (cut/color hair, etc) please consult with the agency. Changing your look will result in having to do a new test and new comp cards—the agency will not submit you for jobs with photos that are not an accurate representation of your current look. Agency must be informed of any change in appearance or sizing, and you must update us with digital shots until a new test is done.
  • Photos from jobs are not automatically sent to the agency. If you are looking for a particular tear sheet, please email shoot information to the agency and we will contact the client. Please note that not all clients are willing to release photos from every job.
Casting/Bookings Checklist
  • Smooth, flesh-tone undergarments
  • Nails and toes should be clean and filed; or neutral polish unless otherwise instructed
  • Wear clear deodorant only
  • Never wear fragrance or personal jewelry (that could be left behind)
  • Standard casting outfit (unless otherwise instructed)
  • If fitness related please wear athleisure
  • If you are someone that wears makeup, please wear light, natural makeup (especially for a beauty casting)


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